The bus to LA was fine ~ I was cold and the bus ride was actually 15 hours instead of 13, but what's the difference anyway. I got hella fries from McDonald's for $3 but I was so messy eating them on the bus I am embarrassed. I got into MF DOOM's album MM..FOOD and practiced Indonesian on DuoLingo. Orion gave me a sweatshirt so I won't be cold on my flights. I got dropped off downtown on 6th St in Los Angeles, where there's boogie coffee shops, old fabric stores that could have come from Segundo Barrio, houseless folx and a farmer's market with beautiful produce all right next to each other. The contradiction of a city that clearly has so much money business but doesn't take care of its people who are down for the count, recovering from drugs and abuse and lo que sea are right next to each other in downtown LA. Overall I could vibe in downtown ~ people are out there, selling their hamburgers, tacos, and granola. Here is some sketches from Pershing Square.